Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Franklin Shower #1

About a month ago, my sweet sweet girlfriends threw me not one, but TWO showers. I knew we would only be in town for that weekend, and our invitation list was super long. They decided to bless me with two showers on the same day! We started out with a lot of our sweet friends from our old church in Franklin.
Here we are guessing the measurements of my belly. My sister-in-law Kelci's was way too long ( thanks sister), and I think the big winner was Debi Shelton, who was right on target. Some were actually too short--bless those women!

We had a light brunch of homemade chicken salad sandwiches, salad and cake of course! I tried to not gobble it all up, knowing there would be more for shower #2.
The cake was made by a friend of one of my hostesses. She did a fabulous job; the design even matched the design on the shower invitations--so creative!
Corinne and Christa gifted me not only with an amazing shower, but with a clothesline full of precious baby clothes.
Last but not least, me glowing from my gift chair. I had a hard time getting up from that chair gracefully!

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