Thursday, March 18, 2010

From Working to Shopping...

Now that I'm not a working girl anymore, I have time to get all those last-minute important items for baby. Yes, pjs and baby leggings. I mean, what would I do if Eli was born tonight and I didn't have those adorable leggings to put on his precious thighs?

In reality, I had a gift card from my hot hubby to spend from Christmas, and here are just some of the things I bought. Nursing pjs...I always thought you could just adjust your normal clothes a little and nurse away, but apparently, it doesn't work that way. So, I gave in and bought some comfy, cozy, nursing pjs for the summer. They should be here soon, and I will probably wear them every night for the next oh, I don't know, year.
Next are those adorable leggings. Eli won't be able to wear them right away, unless he is as chunky as he feels in my belly, but one day, I can throw on a onesie and these leggings and take lots of pictures of his chunky thigh rolls and diapered bum. Who doesn't love some chunky baby thighs? You could actually sew some of these leggings very easily. Buy some cute long socks, cut off the feet, and sew a seam, but hey, I had a gift card!

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