Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still Waiting...

That belly looks uncomfortable, doesn't it? It's quite the amount of weight to carry around on my front...my back is definitely feeling it these days!
Just to make myself feel even better, I like to compare myself to my husband, who keeps. getting. skinnier.
A good ole' family photo before Eli really joins the wild crew. We are actually missing our first born Rivers, but he had just ran out for an evening trek around town. And yes, it's the same night. I changed my shirt b/c I realized my horizontal stripes were actually not that flattering on a 9 month pregnant body. Isn't the black slimming?

We actually took these pictures for my mother-in-law b/c she was dying to see just how big I've gotten since she saw me last a month or so ago. My sweet sister-in-law Leah was kind to oblige, and we had a little photo shoot after dinner on Saturday night.

Next up? A doctor's appointment tomorrow to check on our progress ( or lack thereof as of lately) and maybe make a date to induce after the due date passes us up. Our doctor doesn't want to go past one week late, so we'll see. I'm still up in the air about our decision for that.


  1. You look adorable with your little basketball out front. Pat says he remembers Nadine looking just that way--you couldn't even tell she was pregnant from the front or back, and then she turned and...WOW!

    Can't wait to meet Eli!

  2. HAHA You are soooo cute!! I have loved reading your blog! You have inspired me! Can't wait for more to come!