Friday, March 19, 2010

Nursery in Progress.

This is the fabric we used for the crib bumper. My mom also made diaper stacker and a blanket out of it as well...I love it because it's a very subtle blue, and I love the pattern with jungle animals. It's called "Jungle Passage" by Braemore. We found it at a fabric store in Brentwood called The Fabric House, which has amazing fabrics for amazing prices!
Above is the rug we ordered from Overstock two days ago, and received today! I was thrilled because they said it could take weeks, but nope--two days! It's the cream colored one, and I love how it feels on under my swollen pregnant feet! Plus, I will be able to use it again if we have a little girl!
Last is the fabric for the bed skirt and curtains. This was a Joann's find, and once it arrives, I'm going to attempt to make the curtains myself and we will be able to use them again also! Once the curtains and cornice boards are made, the last thing to do will be wall art. I have been working on some art projects and will post pictures once those are finished as well. I have some other plans for wall art but have to wait until Eli is born to get those made, and yes, they include pictures of his precious self! Today I opened the shutters in his room and sat in my glider, just picturing a baby in there. I can't wait to hold him, and know we are just getting so close to meeting him is killing me!

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  1. Cute, cute CUTE!!! That little Eli will not have any clue that he is enjoying the "lap of luxury" in his own room!