Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Showered with Laurel Love

Toria, Rosemary, Caroline, Me, and Leah, and Kelci
Here are my wonderful hostesses from our church shower here in Knoxville. Our church here has been so sweet to Matthew and I in our last two years of being members; we are truly blessed to have such a supportive, thoughtful family when we don't get to live right by ours!
Here's my mom and and mother-in-law oohing and aahing over baby Josie. She was a big hit; my mom didn't want to put her down! They are definitely ready to be grandmas!
Here are a few of the girlies from church--Katie, Emily, and Nicole. I've already gotten lots of great mommy advice from Katie and Emily, and like to get my fashion advice from Nicole! We need more time to eat more girl dinners together! I'm sure that will come when Eli is here...ha.

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