Thursday, April 22, 2010

Better Late than Never.

This info is a tad late, but can I use my newborn as an excuse? We arrived home with Eli the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. My in-laws left that morning, planning to return the next week to help and visit. My own mom ended up leaving earlier than expected, so we told Matthew's parents they could come up whenever. Well, would you know it, they jumped in their car the very next morning and showed up hauling coolers of food.

My m.i.l. (who has yet to pick a name), but we're calling her Deanie for now, cooked and cleaned ALL week long. Literally. I don't think the woman sat down but once a day. I know she would have rather sat and held her sweet new grandson all day, but instead, she made sure the hot hubby and I didn't lift a finger. She swept, mopped, dusted, washed and folded laundry non-stop, cleaned bathrooms, etc. She made breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and cleaned up the dishes after us. I didn't do a thing. Nothing. It was wonderful. Sadly enough, the lady moved so much this is the only picture I took of her. Well, her legs holding that sweet boy. He looks a little unsure of this picture, but he loved being held by Deanie, I promise.

My f.i.l. Papa, did his fair share of helping too. He called some people to fix our floodlights and clean out our duct work so his precious grandson can breathe fresh clean air and we can see outside at night. We had been meaning to do those tasks for an entire year, and just never did. Papa took care of it for us. Oh yeah. and he held a squirmy or sleeping newborn while this recovering momma showered and napped. Again. It was wonderful.

I have a feeling these proud grandparents will be making many more trips to Knoxville these days.

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