Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Even though it's only been almost 2 weeks, I already have a few favorite things that I love for making my life a little easier with a newborn. The first is my boppy pillow. I got the organic slipcover with it, but I really need to go buy another slipcover, so I can always have an extra when I wash one. I really need to wash it just about every other day b/c it gets covered in spit-up and leaking milk...yep, leaking milk. This really helps me hold Eli more comfortably when I am feeding him, and I like to prop him up in it when he's awake to let him look around without me having to hold im 24/7.

Next is the Moby wrap. This allows me to use BOTH my hands to do things around the house. This morning I actually made the bed, put the dishes away, and dried my hair! Eli refused to sleep all night long, and this morning, despite him yawning every 5 minutes, he would not close his eyes to sleep. As soon as I cuddled him in this wrap, his eyes were closed and he was out like a light!

My Medela pump! My co-workers were super generous and gave me this at my work shower, and I wasn't sure if I would really end up using it or not. Turns out, I definitely needed it. I used one in the hospital until my milk came in, and now I am starting to use one to save milk to freeze. This will definitely help daddy feed Eli too, and give mommy and break every now and then. For now though, until month 1 is up, no bottles or pacifiers for my sweet boy...we don't want him confused until he fully gets the hanging of this whole nursing thing.
Last, my favorite item is soothies! These are gel pads that you refrigerate and use after you nurse...soooo nice. A nurse at the hospital gave me a trial set, and my hot hubby went out and bought me more once we got home. These really do make you feel a little better and are much more soothing than any cream so far.
I've just realized that almost all of my favorite items have to do with making breastfeeding easier. Once we get the hang of this, maybe I will add some more must-haves to my list. For those of you who are pregnant, go get all of these things!!


  1. Very helpful! Which Medela pump do you have? We are buying my friend's Medela freestyle from her at a very good deal and she says it's great! Would be nice to have others opinions on it!

    Love the wrap pic! Evan got me one for Christmas! Do you think Matthew will carry him around in that? Was trying to convince Evan that he's only awesome if he uses it too! Don't think I've convinced him but maybe if Matthew does it too, he'll be more open to it! In fact, I think you should post a picture of Matthew holding him in the wrap and then that will be perfect!

  2. Girl, I could AMEN every one of those things!! But my favorie of all those things is the Moby. I wish I had had one with the other two. I still use it with Daniel and he loves it. I went to a "no strollers allowed" consignment sale last month, and he was so happy to "hang out" with me in his Moby and just watch all the people and toys. Let me tell you, it is quite the workout when they get to be 25 pounds!!

    You are doing great, Jane. And you look beautiful, despite the little sleep I'm sure your getting.

  3. I will have to get some of those gel pads asap! I hope I'm gonna need them soon! Can't wait to meet sweet Eli! He's adorable!

  4. Congratulations, Jane!!! Eli is adorable! It sounds like you are adjusting so well to motherhood. I am like you.... could not have made it without the gel pads. They were a lifesaver! Breastfeeding is definitely a huge commitment, but we just made it to 1 year and I would not have traded it for anything! I have not heard of the Moby, but will have to look into it for baby #2. We used the Baby Bjorn some, but I'd love to have something like that that is more soothing. Hopefully I will get to meet Eli one of these days!