Friday, April 23, 2010

The Many Moods of Eli.

Before bath...completely content.

During bath...completely miserable.

After bath...getting better. It's official that Eli HATES being cold.

Oh, those lips and cheeks get me every time.

We went on our daily walk yesterday in the gorgeous spring weather. We even let the dogs come with us this time. I think they forgot what it was like to go on walks b/c they had to smell (or pee on) everything in sight. They were so excited to be out of the house that they didn't even pay attention to Eli.


  1. His little features are AMAZING!! Those big eyes and defined mouth--what a doll-baby!!

    Mine never liked baths at that age either...

  2. Haha Miles hated being cold too! He use to scream at diaper changes and after baths.