Friday, April 30, 2010

One Month Old

What happened to my newborn? At one month old, Eli is alot more alert than when we first brought him home. He usually wakes up around 7-8 and will stay awake for most of the day. We do a lot of hanging out together b/c Eli does not like to be put down unless he is fast alseep. I have learned to do many things with one arm--laundry, meals, light cleaning, washing my face, going to the bathroom, getting somewhat dressed, etc. We also go on about 3 walks a day, all in attempts to jumpstart Eli's nap and keep this momma sane. We have some tummy time and some play mat time each day, sing songs, do a little dancing, and read Bible stories. He even gave me my first smile yesterday morning. He hasn't done it again since, but daddy and I are trying awfully hard to get another one! We are very excited for this weekend b/c Deanie and Papa are bringing Matthew's grandparents to meet Eli. This will also mean that I will get to take an actual long shower this weekend! It's the little things these days that excite me...
We I finally decided it was time to bust out the pacifiers and the bottles. I figured Eli had a hang of this whole nursing thing, so we could introduce bottles too. The first bottle was one we attached to a formula container, and it was too big for him. You can tell from the pics that he hated it...he couldn't get the milk down; it came way too fast for him. We busted out the Dr. Brown's and he took it like a champ. I am still mainly nursing, but now Hot Hubby gives him a bottle, or 2 or 3, usually around dinner time for us. Check out that face!

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  1. Oh, little Eli--get ready for some sweet kisses from Granny and Granddad!! They are going to L.O.V.E. you!!