Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Life of a Newborn

Sleep in a normal 3-4 hour period during the day. Keeps momma sane.

8:30- begin to fuss. act hungry but don't eat a full meal.

9:00- fuss while working on diaper.

9:15- flail arms wildly to indicate you would like to try to eat some more.

9:30- fall asleep while eating. ignore momma's efforts to keep you awake to eat.

10:15- wake up from catnap to fuss about still being hungry.

10:30- work on diaper again.

10:45- refuse to eat and refuse to close eyes despite the constant yawning.

11:15- whimper while momma and daddy take turns dancing you around the room.

11:45- eat 2 1/2 syringes of formula from daddy's finger although you refused momma's offerings.

12:10- fall asleep while momma and daddy pray it's for a long stretch.

12:50- wake up secretly laughing at your parents but fussing on the outside

1:00- diaper change; clothing change; swaddle blanket change; momma's shirt change; everything is soaked with pee, maybe some poop.

1:15- attempt to eat again.

1:30- stare wide-eyed at momma and daddy while they desperately stare sleepy-eyed at eachother.

2:00- finally give up and doze off to sleep. momma and daddy crawl into bed, praying for a few hours.

5:00- success! 3 whole hours of sleep. diaper change, eat, and fall asleep in momma's arms. Wake right up every time she tries to put you down. Momma gives up on sleeping any more and lets a sweet baby boy sleep on her chest while she watches the news and types this post.

5:15- Momma looks down at the sweetest face she's ever seen and remembers that this gift from God will only be this little once, and tomorrow he will be a little bigger and a little different than today. I know I will wish for these days back--when my baby wanted me all the time, and I will remember these flailing arms with these tiny fingers and soft skin and these sleepless nights with fondness.


  1. Your angel sure is precious! Enjoyed getting to see yall the other day!

  2. Thanks for giving me a nice afternoon cry!!! He is sooo precious and soooo loved!! God is great! Can't wait to meet him!!

  3. Oh my word! What I wouldn't give to go back to the beginning of motherhood and have your perspective!! That little man is truly a precious gift and I am so thankful you are treasuring each moment--even the hard, sleep-deprived ones!

  4. I'm gonna have to reread this in my sleeplessness! You are precious!

    BTW, I am getting your posts. Sometimes I've noticed it takes a minute for them to show up when I post on yours too.