Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prayer Request.

I've been quite the slacker lately, huh? Well, it has been the holidays, and life has been busy lately. We traveled for the holidays and then my mom came back with me for the week.

Our little barracuda is getting more mobile and adventurous by the minute, and I spend lots of my day chasing him around and grabbing tables, lamps, etc. as he attempts to pull them down.

This week I slammed the car door shut on my pointer finger, and had to unlatch the door to rescue my poor finger. I didn't realize how much I use this finger, but it's pretty worthless right now--you should see how many typos I keep having thanks to typing with my other fingers.

What else- Big E turned 9 months old and I still have to take some pictures. I need a good sunny day, and it looks like the weather isn't cooperating right now.

Mainly why I wanted to get on today is to ask you all to pray. Even you who lurk behind the scenes here. :) We are friends with a couple Michael and Stephanie. Michael's sister Sara is married and has two little boys. She was pregnant with a little girl and lost the baby a week before she was due right before Christmas. Although she of course was grief-stricken, she still praised God for his love and the life of her two little boys.

After a trip the the emergency room on Saturday night, she just learned she has cancer in her liver and the outlook is not good. She still has to have more tests run and devise a plan of action with her doctors, but as you know, God is the ultimate healer. He is mighty. He can perform miracles. He CAN do anything. Please pray for Sara, her husband, her boys, her family. Pray for comfort. Pray for peace. Pray that God's will is healing for Sara.


  1. Sara is one of my good friends from college. I just learned of her cancer the other day. My heart just aches and breaks for them!

  2. Praying for God's healing and most importantly, His Grace.