Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Today's Embrace the Camera is probably cheating, but I am a slacker and haven't taken any pictures with my sweet boy in a week, so my legs and feet will have to do for now. :)
This is my little reindeer every night around dinner time. I am busy in the kitchen walking back and forth, chopping food with sharp knives, and carrying hot pans of food. My little leech is pulling up on my pant legs, and I have to literally shake him free to walk anywhere.

Many times I have to call in reinforcements from Big Daddy and he'll swoop him off to the living room to rough house for awhile.

See? There are my feet...embracing the camera. And there's my little four-toothed clingon reindeer. Did you notice his outfit? Who dressed that boy? :) It couldn't have been his mother. (why yes, yes it was.)

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