Saturday, January 8, 2011

Picture Overload.

Here's a picture run-down of our Christmas (es):
Spirited Outfit= check.

Reindeer Antlers= double check.

                                                   What do you want me to do with these boxes?
                                        Big Hunter Daddy's new wild game cookbook.
                                                                     First Christmas down.
                                                                                   Reading with Deanie.
There's a new handmade stocking hanging from the mantle this year.

                                                                                     Leah and Luke.

                                                                      Matth and Eli.
                                                                              Getting Christmased Out.
  Ant and Kelci.

                                                                     Momma and E- Christmas Two.
                                                                  Momma and E- Christmas Three.
Fave gift of the night- a squishy ball to chomp on.
There were actually TWO other Christmas celebrations after these two, one with my Dad's side and one with Matthew's Dad's side, but we forgot the camera both times. They were great though- you'll have to take my word for it.

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  1. Love the Christmas pictures!! I cannot believe you don't have a picture of all the great-grands with Granny and Granddad...I still chuckle thinking about that little multiple-child meltdown!