Thursday, September 2, 2010

Because Memories are Priceless...

I like taking pictures. There, I said it. I took a photography class with my brother in high school, and although he and I didn't get agree on just about anything, we did agree on how cool it was to take and develop your own pictures. This was in the roll of film days, mind you.

In college, I would take road trips to visit my brother at TTU, where he and I would take pictures around campus and develop them in his bathtub. John is an engineer who knows how to do all sorts of cool stuff my mind could never wrap its brain around.

2 years ago, my sweet hubby bought me a great Nikon point and shoot. I've loved it, but am still getting grainy pictures even with its 8 megapixels. Maybe I need to read my manual again.

Or, maybe I need to upgrade to one of these...........
This is the Canon Rebel XSi, and I'm in love with it. I've seen lots of blogs where everyday people are using this camera to capture their family's memories, and the pictures are so clear, it's liking looking at them in HD. I've already tried to sell it to Matth by telling him about all the photography money we will save with our future kiddos. This camera isn't cheap, but would pay for itself in the long run, right? Anybody else have a camera they love? Please share!


  1. It just so happens that I am purchasing a rebel this weekend! I've used a friends many times and loved it and I've been wanting a digital SLR for years. I do think the point and shoots are great though for throwing in your purse, diaper bag or back pocket. They are a lot easier to carry around b/c these big ones are bulky and heavy. Ideally, I'd love both! :) My point and shoot fell in the pool a couple of weeks ago and I considered replacing it but decided to just bite the bullet and get what I've had my eye on for a couple of years. Oh and btw- I think they are making 12 -15 mp cameras now so even if the hubs won't buy into this purchase, you can upgrade what you have for around $200 or less (esp at Costco). I've had 4 Nikon Coolpix and loved them.

  2. Jane, you have seen the pictures I take on our family site so that can be your meter for my camera. I love what we have because it was important to me to have something that took really great pictures, BUT that I could fit in my purse easily. So... Greg found my Sony Cybershot (10.1 Megapixels) and I love it! I have had it for a year now and I highly recommend it as a smaller camera that takes great clear photos.

  3. I actually own the Rebel, and LOVE it! I have convinced myself I could be a photographer because of it!! You literally cannot take a bad picture. It is a larger camera but lightweight enough that I throw it in the diaper bag without any issues. And I LOVE that there isn't a delay at all, perfect for catches the quick movements of babies! Without it I don't think I would have any of Addi Rose's first smiles on film. It really is very worth it in the long run.

  4. I need a new camera! But Josh is sooo over spending money I don't think I'll get one any time soon. We did just make the plunge on a HD video recorder. Maybe I'll ask about a camera in a few months. :)