Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well he can't go naked.

That's what I tell my hubby every time I feel the need to justify another outfit for our little boy.
If I was made of money, these are the two stores where I would blow it all. I love all their clothes for babies.

Baby Gap...duh. Look at these outfits:

Mini-Boden: Love their clothes, just not their prices. Their women's stuff is just as cute, but unless they have a 80% off sale, I won't be owning anything from there.

Remember when I said I wanted to learn to sew? Well, I did...sort of. I'll show you those soon. Have any other good husband would really appreciate you telling me about some. :)


  1. go to wee-peat boutique near tjmaxx! they have adorable jon-jons and bubbles!! cheap too! i got coop a ut one that i saw at the mall for like $80 for $20! its one of those embroidered/smocked ones.

  2. Those are 2 of my favorites too, Jane! Looks like we have the same (expensive) taste! Ha ha I can share more of my faves with you, but I don't think your husband would appreciate my suggestions. LOL

  3. Check with your Mom. John wore cute smocked things and I think she was going to keep them

  4. You KNOW how I dressed my boys when they were little!!! Remember those two little ring bearers in their shorts and knee socks?!

    I agree with your other commenters...consignment sales are GREAT for finding deals on "sweet" boy clothes. Or, you could check with your aunt-in-law and see if she has any more of Collin's baby clothes laying around! (Actually, I think I have most of them, sorry.)