Friday, September 3, 2010

Cancer sucks.

It's true. Cancer sucks. But do you know what else is true? God is WAY GREATER. This is Matthew's daddy. He is a husband, a father, a friend, a brother, a coach, and most importantly, a son of God. He prays for his family, boasts about his love in Christ, and works hard to show Jesus to others. We call him Papa around here.

Right before his last baby and only daughter got married, Papa was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He had to undergo months of chemotherapy, and finished his last treatment Spring of 2009. Leah had her daddy walk her down the aisle that August.
We were all so thankful for God's healing hands as we watched Kyle return to health for the past year. A couple of weeks ago, while visiting us, he felt a swollen lymphnode in his neck. The doctors said the cancer had come back. The biopsy showed active cancer cells around that lymphnode.
When his family, friends, and church family heard the news, many prayers went to God on his behalf. The entire church was down on their knees one Sunday praying for healing. Well...guess what?

God prevailed. He intervened. He conquered. When Kyle went back in for a more extensive scan, the doctors were dumbfounded. The scan did not show ANY cancer cells...anywhere. They sent the scan to another pathologist in Maryland and she confirmed that there was no cancer. NONE! So like I said before, cancer definitely sucks, but God is WAY GREATER. Thank you to anyone of you who reads this blog who sent up a prayer for our sweet Dad and Papa. God is so very good.


  1. Jane, I was SO HOPING you were going to do a blog post about this!! Pat and I drove home from a dinner separately last night, and when he pulled in the driveway behind me, he was BEAMING. I said, "What's the smile for?" He said, "Kyle's tests were negative--the cancer didn't come back!!" Tears of joy! So happy for all of us, and mostly for Kyle and Nadine.

  2. God is good indeed!! I guess I missed the post about your FIL's cancer, so I can't say I sent up a prayer for him. I AM however, saying a prayer of thanksgiving now, for him and for your whole family who will be blessed by many more days with him. :)