Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Sew.

Here's the little stinker in one of the outfits. I took the pic from my phone to send to my mom. He was a little perplexed at the time. :)
A few months ago, I mentioned how I wanted to learn how to sew. Well, I finally did...sort of. I practiced first by making two of the same jon-jons for Eli. The first doesn't even fit him anymore, and to be honest, it barely fit him as soon as I made it. Lesson one: measure your child first.
Lesson two: be precise. I cut out the pattern and the lining, but my sewing skills are super steady yet, so some of the lining in places didn't quite get sewn to the fabric, and peeks through here and there.
Lesson three: I don't have a lesson learned for this one yet because I still can't do it. Once I got to the bottom of the jon-jon, it tells you to sew most of the bottom together and leave a small opening to pull it right side out. I tried that about five times before I gave up and did little stitches at a time then hand-sewed the little hole I left. I also added snap tape at the bottom but I haven't quite figured that out yet either. Can you see the bottoms of my outfits? Should I turn them under and add the tape? I also broke a needle trying to sew around the snaps...

Either way, I LOVED making them. I love seeing Eli in these cute outfits knowing I made them with love for my little boy! Plus, I saved myself lots of money! My mom has an embroidery machine (she bought it as soon as she heard I was pregnant), and we can put his initials and little trains, anchors, etc. on them but I am hoping we can purchase a monogram set soon to add those!

Here is the first one that doesn't fit him anymore!

Here's the second one:

Oh, and I also can't make button holes yet. I have to hand sew snaps on and hand sew buttons on top to hide the snaps! I've been looking up classes, but really, I think I need my mom to come live with me for a week so we can sew during nap times!


  1. does your sewing machine not have a button hole attachment? If you have a newer machine it should make the button hole for you. Your little outfits look "sew" cute!!

  2. Great job, Jane! They are adorable! Yes, your sewing machine should have a button hole attachment. Once you learn how to use it, it is so easy! Also, look for a snap tutorial online (there is probably one on you tube). You can buy the snaps that are already on a roll that you can just sew on the bottom of the jon jons. I'm so jealous your mom has an embroidery machine! You will love having free access to that! Can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. Are you using scissors to cut out your pattern? If so, try using a rotary. They are incredible. It makes cutting the fabric much quicker and the results are better. I also learned that if i iron the outfit and use the "lick and roll" trick (it sounds funny but it works)the lining doesn't show.

  4. Leslie,
    Thanks for the advice! I learned that my old garage sale sewing machine apparently has to have a button hole foot and I don't have one! So, it does have the button hole attachment which is 4 turns of a knob, but I don't have the correct foot! Knoxville only has about 2 stores where I can find sewing stuff, so I need to go check those.