Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eli McGrabby Hands.

Here's Eli with his best friend Aiden. You see, Aiden's mommy is one of my best friends; thus, these two WILL be best friends. Hope they like eachother.
Here Aiden's wondering why Eli is copying his outfit. Because great mommies (and minds) think alike little boy.

And here are our little twins with showing off their UT matching onesies. Katie and I met at the park this weekend and somehow managed to both dress our little boys the same...too cute! Aiden's daddy played for the Vols, so he HAS to have tons of Vol gear. Eli's daddy is just obsessed with the Vols, so I guess we have to have tong of Vol gear too.

And here's Eli McGrabby Hands reaching for Aiden for the 100th time. Poor Aiden got prodded and poked all morning. Oh yeah, don't get confused. The pretty girl holding Eli is my friend Jenna. She has two boys of her own. Read this old post to see one of her sweet boys being held by my expecting hubby.
The pretty girl holding Aiden is my best Atlanta friend Jeanna. She has a 6 year old, and gets to tell me all about raising handsome sweet boys! She met Eli for the first time this weekend, and I think he fell in love.

What else? We traveled to Franklin this past weekend to celebrate ole' Papa being cancer free. He got a shout-out at church and everyone applauded, whistled, and woo-hooed his miracle! Speaking of church, if you are ever in Franklin, go visit Fourth Avenue in downtown Franklin. It's where Matthew and I attended before we moved to Knoxville. We walked down the aisles there. We love our church friends here, but terribly miss our church there.

5 month post coming up next...

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  1. Love seeing your pictures and friends plus all the precious babies. Keep the news coming so your old Grandmother can be entertained. May go to Nashville soon Hope you are there while I am. Love you