Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Do you have these days? Where a million thoughts run through your head? Please say you do. What are your confessions? Or am I alone here. :)

1. I am ready to start playing Christmas music. Is it too early?

2. I wish we could have Thanksgiving and Christmas with my own little family this year. Is that weird and anti-social?

3. I am already thinking about a theme for Eli's first birthday. I didn't think I would ever be that prepared as to be a mom who plans big birthdays. But it's his first!! :)

4. I finally just got Eli a sleep sack at consignment for $2.50, and why in the world did I wait so long? I feel 100x better knowing he is warm all night and that blanket is nowhere near his face. And Matth likes that I don't make him get out of bed 5 times to check and make sure he's okay.

5. I still think it's really funny watching Eli poop. TMI? Definitely.

6. I have a bright orange outfit for Eli almost done. I made it for football games, but we aren't going to one. I made it for Halloween. Missed that occasion. Now I'm "making" it for Thanksgiving. Please let me finish before he outgrows it.

7. I need to work out. I don't want to.

8. I need to have my hair highlighted. I went last in July. I don't want to do that either.

9. I could buy Eli cute clothes all day. Just not for me. I am too cheap to spend money on myself.

10. I'm getting my camera for Christmas. matth's grandparents are gifting it to me; they just don't know it yet. They are extremely generous, and I will be able to buy it with their gift of a big check. I can't wait. I'm still trying to convince Matth I need it BEFORE the holidays so I can document his first Thanksgiving and Christmas properly. :)


  1. Don't feel bad about wanting it to just be the 3 of you for the holidays. We're coming back from Ohio early so Collin can wake up in his own bed on Christmas morning. Jason doesn't want to but it's a big deal to me!

  2. That last picture is adorable!

  3. i want to start playing christmas music too, i need to work out but hate to and have yet to do it, i want everyone to come to us for the holidays- traveling is soo not fun anymore, miles is hilarious when he poos and sleep sacks are amazing :)

  4. Never too early for Christmas music - ok maybe it can be too early but if we all do, then it's ok!

    Evan really wants Christmas alone but I DONT! I just can't stand to be away from my family and I also have the only grandbaby/entertainment on my side of the family. AND they live far away and I don't see them near enough! BUT I want them to come to us :)

    Sleep sack = awesome! You can get them pretty cheap at Carters too - they're like a sleep bag with sleeves.

    OH MY - Eli's First Birthday! That day can't come anytime soon. Maybe if you don't mention it, it won't happen! - he's growing too fast!

    Audrey doesn't do anything funny when she poops - is it sad that I wished she did?!