Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So, What's Your Deal?

Every year, after everyone had stuffed themselves silly with my mom's Thanksgiving meal, we would slowly roll ourselves off the couch and away from the football games, and the Christmas music would begin.

My mom loves all Christmas music that she can sing along to, whereas my dad loves the John Philip Sousa marching band. He says it reminds him of the Navy---sure, Dad. Even though my parents have been divorced since I was 8, we would spend our holidays together and Thanksgiving was no different.

Cue the Christmas music, and out would come the boxes and boxes of Christmas decor. We would trim two tree--the family "pretty" one with white lights and fancy ornaments, and the "kids" one with whatever we wanted. We would set up two nativity sets--I would carefully place my baby Jesus in his manger, and my brother would make his cows and mules battle.

It's always Thanksgiving that makes me think it's time for Christmas, but not a day before. This is one of my favorite family traditions, and I plan to carry it on with my own little family, although this year we'll have to wait a few days since this Thanksgiving will be with the in-laws.

So, what's your deal? When do you put your decorations up? Are you an early celebrator, as in, they're already up? Or maybe you wait until it's actually December?


  1. The day after Thanksgiving here! This year it will be more like, the week after Thanksgiving, since we will be so busy. I can't wait for Olivia to help with everything; I know she will love it! We have her a Fisher Price nativity scene, and then we have a "grown up" one, and I bet those will be her favorite part. And the "Kissmas" tree!

  2. haha i love the holidays! my brother calls me THE christmas spirit- i tend to put the tree up before thanksgiving and turn the christmas music on as well- hunter is slowly warming up to it :) i'm trying to get miles sucked in early :)