Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Flair.

You can never have too much flair. Which is why I finally decided on a high chair. I ordered the Boon Flair high chair with a gift card to Babies R Us. I had been saving the last of our shower gift cards for this specific purchase, and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much money on a high chair. Well, I definitely didn't want to, but I'm very glad I did. This high chair is awesome!

It's a cross between a barber chair and a space ship. It has a pneumatic lift so I can lower Eli to join us at the dinner table (if we ate there). It has wheels so I can roll him from room to room. It's one piece, so it's super easy to clean, and it has three trays, so if I get lazy, there's always a clean one. :) You can't tell from the picture, but the chair is really really light blue, and the inner seat that comes out is white. Eli loves it, well...if I don't strap him in. He hates straps, which is why I avoid the car like I avoid germs.

Today at a Target outing, I ran across the clearance section. What did I see? Miss Petunia Pickle Bottom. That's right--my new diaper bag!! I never bought a diaper bag, because all the ones I liked were $100 or more!! So, I went and bought a $10 Gap bag and stuffed everything in there. The only problem was: I learned why people use diaper bags. They have pockets and pockets galore for things like diapers, bottles, ice packs, pacis, burp rags, toys, wallets, tiny tubes of aquaphor, etc. All that used to be jumbling and jingling around in my one big bag. Now it's all organized nice and neat!! And, clearance meant I scored mine for $35!!

So there you have it friends. Two new purchases this week, and it was all baby related. When do I start purchasing for me again? Probably never. Like everything else in my life, it's all about my sweet boy now!! :)

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