Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Post in which I Vent.

Can I vent for a second about doctors? Why oh why does my child get diagnosed as not gaining sufficient weight when I talk to or read about a handful of other moms whose babies have the same stats as my son?

Their children are considered perfectly healthy from their pediatricians while I get questioned on feeding habits over and over again. I feed my child. As much as he wants. All the time.

How about his height?

How about genetics?

How about his activity level?

How about his constant smiles and giggles and apparent happiness?

Geez Louise, I think it's time to switch doctors. A second opinion is long over-due.


  1. Switch. You need to feel good about your pediatrician. Different doctors have different advice and theories and it sounds like this one has proven to be one that isn't your cup of tea. Hey, I say if he is happy, eating well, and sleeping well there is nothing you should worry about.

  2. Seriously, switch. If this is an issue now, imagine all the things that they are going to push you on in the years to come. And for future babies. Go on some interviews. Find one who is in line with what you believe as a parent.

  3. Go to Dr. Greg and Blackmon Pediatrics...he is amazing!!!

  4. He is clearly a healthy and happy baby!! I would not worry about it one bit if I were you. Definitely switch doctors. It doesn't really sound like he is taking genetics into consideration :) And, a doctor should always listen to your motherly instinct, too! You are such a good mom, Jane!!

  5. I totally agree. I was just thinking today about my pediatrician and how she makes me feel like I am doing a good job as a mom. THAT's a good pediatrician--one that is encouraging, yet knows their stuff at the same time.