Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did You Know?

I have a seven month old named Eli? Excuse me, seven months? That's over the hill toward his first birthday--oh me, oh my!

At seven months, my little barracuda is:
                                                    sporting two teeth.
                                                    sleeps from 8:30-8 with one wake-up (usually)
                                                    loves his momma and bawls if she leaves.
                                                    giggles his head off at peek-a-boo with daddy.
                                                    can crawl!
                                                    can sit unassisted
                                                    can pull himself to standing
                                                    has learned to bite. (yep, ouch!)
                                                    drinks 4 bottles of BM a day (4-6 ounces)
                                                    eats 3 meals a day of OM w fruit or veggies
                                                    is still on stage one homemade purees
                                                    needs his crib to sleep...p n' plays= no sleep
                                                    which = no sleep
                                                    is WILD.

Whenever we are around friends with Eli, they eventually ask: "Is he" And YES, the answer is YES...all over the place, all the time. The boy doesn't ever relax. So, momma and daddy don't relax. This stinging bee keeps us on our toes!!

After trying free GDiapers, which were okay, we have moved onto expensive
BumGenius's, which are great! Invest now, save later!

Do you see why my momma calls me a barracuda? I'll bite you if I don't feel like eating...ouch! Weaning may come a little earlier than expected!

Check out my momma's new obsession--tiny shoes!

See those little scrapes on my face? I rub my eyes when I get tired, but refuse to let clippers come near my nails...even when I'm asleep!

And of course, here's where the shoot ended, as usual, with a good fuss and a nap!


  1. Adorable! I love the green diapers! For real, now with my 2nd on the way, I am so glad for the investment of the BumGenius. One set of diapers for 2 kids= waaaaaay less $$ than sposies!

    Jane, he is adorable, and I want to eat him.... :)

  2. These pictures are SO CUTE!!! I cannot believe Eli is seven months any more than I can believe Daniel will be TWO YEARS OLD in four months. It goes so so so fast.

  3. 7 months! WOW! Times FLIES! I can't believe MH is almost 2 months!

  4. He is adorable Jane!!! I love his HUGE smile...he seems like such a happy little guy!